"Home Away From Home" CD

17 of our favorite Florida Folk Musicians

RECORDED LIVE AT KOOL BEANZ!   September 26, October 1st & 2nd 1999

1) Nick Caffine & the KoffeeKats INTRO  2) Will Pearsall & Steve Shanholtzer "Why you Do What You Do"

3) Dianne Runion & Willie Hunton "Lullabye"    4) Bob "Stormcrow" Sanders "Life in the 90's"

5) Matt Riley "Ancient Wisdom"   6) Bryan McCahill "Dance of the Sugarplum Faries"

7) Big Red & The Bus "Guns Flash"    8) Rockey D'Andrea "Got My Eyes on You"

9) The HoneyBucket HillBilly Band "Hesitiation Blues"/Dave Grooms "Today"

10) Terry Kelly "When I Was a Dog"(the dog song)    11) Janet Reedy "Dirty Kiss"

12) Steve Setron "If I Loved You"     13) Al Scortino & norm mcdonald "Jacksonville is Burning"

14) Brad Keeler & Kim Roque "Rag Doll Rag"    15) Mike Runion "East Coast Setting Sun"

16) Laura & Seven "California is My Home"    17) Steve Hodak "Butterfly Moon"

18) Sam Pacetti "Triple Sec"    19) Dianne Runion "Home Away From Home"

  ".....everybody is your friend, Home Away From Home.....Kool Beanz!"



Jan. 2000

"Dig It, Man, You've Got To Dig It, Man!" -Nick Caffine's intro


You certainly have to dig the tremenddous effort put forth in the collaboration, production and release of the Home Away From Home", Kool Beanz compact disc. The disc is a compilation of eighteen songs from seventeen of the regular performers at Kool Beanz Coffeehouse in Cocoa Village to benefit the burgeoning Brevard County acoustic/folk community. Sixteen of the songs are original compositions of the artists, and two are traditional.

"Java" John Goldacker the co-owner (with wife Jennifer) of Kool Beanz and producer of this CD explains his motivation, "Kool Beanz has seen literally hundreds of fine acoustic musicians grace its stage in the past two years, and we wanted to start a series of CDs featuring these Artists, mostly singer/songwriters, to help promote them. And in turn promote Kool Beanz-'Brevards Premeire Acoustic Coffeehouse'. Also we hope to gain attention for Fred Migliore's 'Another Unconventional Sunday Morning' radio show on public radio WFIT 89.5fm, possibly the only radio show that features acoustic music & original talent in Brevard County. It's kinda like a circle...we scratch each others' backs, so to say - Keeping the Folk Alive!".

The title song "Home Away From Home" was written by Dianne Runion right after her first visit to Kool Beanz, to play at the weekly "Hootenanny!" (unplugged jam session), her first publis appearence. The following Sunday night she returned to play the open mic & premiere the song. She has been playing there weekly on Thursday nights ever since.

Other Brevard County artists on the CD include Willie Hunton, Bryan McCahill, Matt Riley, Big Red & the Bus, Rocky D'Andrea, The Honeybucket Hillbilly Band, Dave Grooms, Terry Kelly, Janet Reedy, Steve Setron, Al Scortino & norm mcdonald, Brad Keeler & Kim Roque, Mike Runion, Steve Hodak and Nick Caffine & the CoffeeKats. The project also attracted out of town talent: Sam Pacetti (St.Augustine), Will Pearsall & Steve Shanholtzer (Jacksonville) Bob "Stormcrow" Sanders (Orlando) and Laura & Seven (Orlando).

The CD was recorded live September 26th and October 1st & 2nd (1999) at Kool Beanz. All of the artists donated their performances, the recording services were donated by Grant Recording Services, Blueboro Studios, and GeoSynchronous Records. Kevin Derois of Bluesboro Studios said, "I thought it was a wonderful experience to get to work withso many artists experienced in recording and performing, Kool Beanz is a great place to see and hear live music". Dave Grooms donated the Polariod art for the rear cover, the graphic design and photos were donated by Sreve Bussey. Additional support was provided by Cocoa Village merchants Contemporary Concepts, Cafe Margaux, Web Engineering & Beyond the Rainbo.

The offical CD release party will be Saturday January 29th at 8pm, featuring Dave Grooms & Special gueasts from the CD. Hopefully "Home Away From Home" will help sustain the acoustic/folk movement in this area, and there will be more compact discs in the future.


Feb. 4, 2000

State and local talent find a home on Kool Beanz's CD

By Melanie Velisek
A column for FLORIDA TODAY

I wish I had a "Home Away From Home" chocked-full of gifted singers and musicians. Wait, I do, and it's thanks to Cocoa Village's Kool Beanz.

Tapping into its talent pool, the cozy cafe's management has gathered the best of local and state folk musicians for a live CD, titled appropriately, "Home Away From Home."

Last week, boss man Java John and his wife, Miss Jennifer, hosted a CD release party featuring the disc's performers and now you, the public, can bend an ear to this listener-friendly and eclectic melting pot of blues, folk and just plain good guitar sing-alongs.

Now, hold your breathe, here's who's on it: Nick Caffeine & The Coffeekats, Will Pearsall, Steve Shanholtzer, Dianne Runion, Willie Hunton, Bob "Stormcrow" Sanders, Matt Riley, Bryan McCahill, Big Red & the Bus, Rocky D'Andrea, Honeybucket Hillbilly Band, Dave Grooms, Terry Kelly, Janet Reedy, Steve Setron, Al Scortino, norm mcdonald, Brad Keeler, Kim Roque, Mike Runion, Laura & Seven, Steve Hodak and Sam Pacetti. Whew!

This CD has something for anyone who enjoys a good tune accompanied by some out-of-this-world guitar plucking, alternating comic, soothing and poignant lyrics and, of course, voices that will bring back good memories.

Some standouts (my faves) include Runion and Hunton's soft and touching "Lullabye," McCahill's whistling (no vocals) in "Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies;" Big Red & the Bus's "Guns Flash" (you'll swear it's an acoustic Violent Femmes); Honeybucket Hillbilly Band's scorching "Hesitation Blues;" the crowd-pleasing canine treat, "When I Was A Dog" by Kelly; the country meets early Elvis in female form on Reedy's "Dirty Kiss;" Scortino and mcdonald's harmony within a campfire reminiscent "Jacksonville's Burning," and the soulful, heart-tugging Hodak with "Butterfly Moon." Just think Joe Cocker, and you've found his singing protegee in the honorable Hodak.


Feb 2000

Kool Beanz: Home Away From Home

By Susan Hubscher, THE CONNECTION

This is the quintessential folk collection for any music fan and/or local music supporter. All 19 acoustic songs on this compilation were recorded live on the Kool Beanz stage by different local artists, musicians and frequenters of the coffeehouse. The performances capture, with suprising professional quality, the fun atmosphere to be found at thevery family-friendly Cocoa Village venue amidst the couches, coffee and conversation on any given night.

"Home" covers a wide range of music styles including pure folk, ragtime, rock, and classical. Giving local flavor to the line-up, songs such as "East Coast Setting Sun" narrates perfectly any given day spent on the sands under our own Cocoa Beach pier, "Jacksonville is Burning" reminds all Central Floridians of the fear and helplessnes experienced during the devastating wildfires of summers past, and the famed "Home Away From Home" track pays homage to the Beanz itself: "I feel so at home / Everything is as it seems / Everybody is your friend / Home away from home / Kool Beanz."

No matter what type of music you are craving, something on this disk will help satisfy. Plus an added bonus: many of the artists on the playlist regularly return to Kool Beanz for live performances including Mike & Dianne Runion, Dave Grooms and more. And we all know nothing is better than watching live music! Every night there is someone entertaining on stage at Kool Beanz, including the very innovative "Smoke Free Mondays" for those who love the music but hate the second hand experience.

Kool Beanz is also host to several events to help out charity organizations, and these folks throw great parties- so keep an eye on their calander and join John's informative, entertaining e-newsletter. To get on the newsletter mailing list, buy the CD, or get directions and a map, check out the website: www.koolbeanz.com  


March 2000



Cocoa coffehouse Kool Beanz   has been servicing their clients with hot java and cool acoustic music for the better part of two years. Now the owners "Java" John and Jennifer Goldacker have captured the singer/songwriters that dot their daily schedule on CD.

"Home Away From Home" is a complilation featuring 17 of Floridas best known acoustic performers, including Bob "Stormcrow" Sanders, Al Scortino & norm mcdonald, Laura & Seven, Brad Keeler & Kim Roque, and Sam Pacetti. The Goldackers, who book folk artists seven days a week and hold hootenannies and open-mic sessions on Sundays, are ardent supporters of the Florida folk community and hope that Home generates interest in one of the more overlooked music scenes in the Sunshine State.  *************************************************************************************************************************

June 2000



With it's homegrown production values, live performances, and cozy feel this compliation put together by Kool Beanz Coffeehouse turns out to be an ode to the local folk singer. The brainchild of Kool Beanz owner "Java"John Goldacker, the CD showcases the various performers that grace the stage at the Cocoa Village, Fla., java joint. As such can expect th same inconsistencies in performance and writing quality that you would at any open mic session or small-towm venue in the U.S. For that reason, the album really engrosses the listener with the perfect blend of the good, the bad and the ridiculous.

  Well known Florida regulars like Bob"Stormcrow" Sanders, Dianne Runion, and Janet Reedy deliver soulful songs with solid, homey guitar work and simple vocal arrangements. Steve Hodak's poignant "Butterfly Moon" is a lovely piece, and Matt Riley's "Ancient Wisdom" has  real southern charm.

  The low points can't really mar the overall charm that the other  performances imbue this CD with. Especially those like "When I was a Dog" by Terry Kelly, and Bryan McCahill's bizarre rendition of "The Dance of the SugarPlum Faries", performed on ukulele with accompanying    whistles. Home Away From Home is a great CD to wake up to, chill with, or of course, listen to when drinking coffee. It's gritty production and little imperfections add texture to a sound that has as much flavor as the coffee the performers were drinking when they played.

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