ARTWORK by "Java" John Goldacker  

`60's Inspired Poster Designs:

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NEW!!  for a local concert I helped promote

NEW! Designed for The Regrouped ELECTRIC PRUNES!

Musicians for Diaster Relief:
Rick Derringer, Eddie Money, Dickey Betts,
Mike Reno, Robin Zander, Michael Bolton,
Dee Snider, and Mark Farner



Steve Tyler               Bob Marley          Jimi Hendrix


Janis Joplin             Bob Dylan


PHISH "Big Cypress NYE200"  &   PHISH "IT"


The "PHISH PHAN" B/W & Color 


( watch for one or more of my Phish posters to be published an upcoming book visit : )




Donna The Buffalo       Jen, Dylan & John          Dylan               Spirit


 Jerry Daze Posters (`99, `01, & `00  by "Java" John &  Dave Grooms)

- I hope to see ya soon!!


All Designs: copyright Goldacker`99-`04

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